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This video is meant to demonstrate the fear, sadness, and loneliness that children who have survived sexual abuse can often feel well into adulthood. It also aims to illustrate the empowerment and freedom that can come to those who have the courage to tell someone else that they have been abused.

O’Donnell Clark & Crew LLP represents survivors of abuse and attempts to help them find that freedom that they deserve. They also work with clients to find them the help they need.

From Our Website:

“Your Healing is Our Main Concern.

We regularly consult with survivors of childhood abuse who simply need to break their silence and to talk to someone–often for the first time ever–about what happened to them as children. Many of these men and women decide not to pursue legal claims at all, and in those circumstances, we view it as our job–and our honor–to walk alongside, to listen, to suggest counselors or other resources, and to support them in their process of breaking open the secrets and starting the healing.

Lawsuits are a tough business, and some survivors can and do rightly decide that, for their path to closure, there is a different way. On the other hand, many people, by the time they have contacted us, have already decided to pursue legal justice. In that situation, it is our job to help them understand fully what are their options, what will be the challenges and difficulties of such a path, and what can be accomplished along the way: both in terms of monetary restitution and non-monetary justice: apologies, policy changes, and other similar goals. Ultimately, we believe that the legal process should serve the healing and closure of the survivor–and not the other way around. In other words, we do our best to work for the whole person.

However, if you do decide that civil justice is your goal, you will not find more tenacious and experienced courtroom and trial advocates anywhere. We have brought over 300 claims on behalf of children and adults who were abused as children, in over a dozen states, against such organizations as the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, the Boy Scouts of America, public and private schools, athletic leagues and other “institutions of trust” whose employees abuse children. We have obtained some of the largest settlements and jury verdicts anywhere in the country.”

***Special Thanks to Director Sean Brown and Producer Chris Mead for the inspirational work they did in developing and creating this video for us.

They can be reached at and…, respectively.

We would also like to thank the cast and crew who were involved in the making of this video:

Cinematographer and Editor: Sean Brown
Sound Design: Noah Woodburn
1st AD: Clark Leland, 1st AD
PA: Ashley Mead and Baliey O’Bar
Gaffer: Brysen Uhalde
Best Boy: Maggie Serpa and Josh Cassida
AC: Clint Blackburn
Art Director: Marycriss Mass
Key Grip: Mike Weiss & Michael Lee Locke Jr.
Cast: Julia Alvarado, Shade Streeter, Ben Burress, and Rainee Kitzmiller