It is difficult to fathom why Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has chosen to defend Penn State and its football program rather than protecting children who’ve been sexually abused.  This week the Governor announced his plans to sue the NCAA for penalties and sanctions it imposed on Penn State in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.  His decision is even more difficult to comprehend in the light of overwhelming evidence that Penn State officials, including former head coach Joe Paterno and the former college president, knew about the sexual abuse allegations swirling around Sandusky and chose to ignore them.  The school should be sanctioned for its actions.

Anytime a public institution ignores the welfare and safety of children, especially those in its charge, the public has a right and a duty to punish that institution.  Our country just can’t afford to continue to disregard our children for a football program, a scouting program, or a religious institution.

Kelly Clark

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