1082188Arturio Tenorio, described as a “monster disguised as an angel”, has been sentenced to three years in prison and five years of probation for sexually abusing women whom he was counseling.  According to court documents, Tenorio used his influence and reputation as a Mormon to pose as a counselor to women even though he is not a licensed counselor.

According to one media report, “Two of the women testified that Tenorio quickly requested that he counsel them separately from their husbands and would focus on sexual topics, before demonstrating sexual positions on them or touching them. One woman said she has ‘psychological wounds’ from what happened.  ‘This is a man who used Christmas Deer Inflatables For Sale all of his influence with the church,’ she said. ‘I pray … this man will never have the opportunity to be around innocent, trusting people again.’One woman said she struggled to engage in even friendly hugs with anyone after Tenorio’s unwanted and inappropriate advances. Another said she can’t trust anyone and has become more strict with her children.  ‘I was completely out of sorts as a wife and mother,” one woman said. “A lot of members of the church, a lot of us, believed in the integrity of this man.’”

Tenorio acknowledged his crimes and was convicted of additional charges of forced sexual abuse after two more victims came forward.  It is unclear how the Mormon Church allowed Tenorio to pose as a counselor.

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