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A Hilldale high school teacher has been allegedly arrested for sexually abusing a child and providing marijuana to a juvenile. The teacher has been charged by the state officials of Oklahoma.

Since August 31, state authorities had been investigating over the alleged Richard Lee Martin II, 68-year-old science teacher from the Hilldale Public School District who had sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy in the school. According to a media release from Deputy Kevin Branscum, the Mcintosh County Department arrested Martin four months following the initial investigation.

It all began one day when the reportedly abused teen caught Martin smoking marijuana in his car at home, west of Eufaula. When he was caught, Martin offered to share it with the juvenile. Following the event, Martin and the teenage boy began taking marijuana together daily.

Martin then began asking the juvenile “sexual questions”, the teen told the police. Soon after, the juvenile and Martin were engaging in oral sex, leading to sexual intercourse. The teacher also warned the teen not to disclose the secret pertaining their sexual relations to anyone because he would end up in prison forever, the media release states.

At the initial launch of the case, Martin remained to be a teacher for the school. However, he decidedly resigned from his position on September 13, during the latter course of the investigation.

Over the decade, many high school teachers, both men and women, have been caught for similarly alleged child sexual abuse over their students. Some of them had a long history of sexual assaults while some others have performed aggravated and violent sexual conducts on their students. Such cases are seen to take a climatic rise in the US.

The unnamed juvenile is currently under the care of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Martin is scheduled to appear in the District Court of McIntosh County at 1:30 pm on Friday.

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