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Jesse Graham, 48-years-old, is charged with two counts of sodomy and two counts of sexual abuse on a victim under twelve.

State troopers say this investigation is far from over.

Now, we’re hearing from a man who says his son was sexually abused by Graham.

It was hard for this Muhlenberg County man to get the words out.

“I’ve had every emotion you could probably feel at different times, then all balled up into one.”

The man we talked to wanted his identity hidden, but he says he needed to speak up about what he claims happened to his son last summer.

“The more I questioned him, certain things he was doing, he actually told me some stuff that a child his age shouldn’t know.”

The man tells us his child would have been four-years-old when this alleged assault would have taken place. He claims his child took several fishing trips with Mr. Graham over several months.

Graham is facing two sets of sexual abuse and sodomy charges to a victim under 12. He told 14 News his child has received treatment but has been acting out lately.

“I came back in and he took a knife and just scratched him out of the picture. That was just out of the blue.”

Authorities say the investigation started when they received complaints from several victims.

After conducting interviews, they gathered enough evidence to arrest Graham. On social media sites, he is listed as the director of Serving our Servants Ministries in Muhlenberg County.

Now, almost one year after he claims his child was abused, this man wants to let other parents know what to look out for.

“I definitely don’t want the ones that have come forward to have all of this on their shoulders if it’s happened to other kids too. ”

If you have any information about this investigation, you’re asked to call Kentucky State Police.

Graham will make his first court appearance on Monday.

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