Bernard Thomas BerginArticle from The Register-Guard.

He worked at Madison Middle; the victim was not a student

A part-time Eugene School District employee is accused of sexually abusing a child younger than age 15.

Bernard Thomas Bergin, 49, of Springfield was arrested Thursday, one day after the victim reported the abuse to a mandatory reporter, according to Springfield police.

The child and Bergin know each other, according to police.

Bergin is facing two counts of first-degree unlawful sexual penetration and two counts of first-degree sexual abuse.

He was booked into the Lane County Jail.

According to police, Bergin was employed “in an occupation that afforded him access to minor children.”

Springfield police Lt. Scott McKee said Thursday that Bergin told investigators that he was employed at Madison Middle School but would be working at Sheldon High School in the coming school year. Both schools are in Eugene.

Eugene School District spokeswoman Kerry Delf confirmed that Bergin was a part-time educational assistant at Madison Middle School but said that he is currently on leave.

Bergin, Delf said, previously had worked as a substitute educational assistant since October 2014.

The victim is not a student at the middle school, and Delf said there has been no indication of inappropriate activity related to Bergin’s position with the school.

“Whether school-­related or not, any crime against children is a serious offense and a breach of the trust placed in staff who work around children,” Delf said. “Such allegations are extremely rare, and when one occurs, the district takes it with the utmost seriousness, investigates thoroughly and takes appropriate steps to ensure the safety of children in our care.”

Police are investigating whether Bergin might have other victims, and they described the case as active.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call police at 541-726-3721 or 541-726-3714.

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