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 “Eric Erickson says that ‘the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit.’ That is exactly what sexual abuse does to a child. When a trusted adult injures the spirit of a child it impacts every aspect of her life forever.

Childhood sexual abuse simply robs a child of her childhood. I view it as my job to help prevent future child abuse, and I am proud to do that through helping survivors hold accountable the institutions that enabled their abuse.”

In more than 30 years as a trial lawyer, Steve has won some impressive verdicts for his clients, including a record setting $84 million verdict in a class action antitrust case. He has a well deserved reputation as one of Oregon’s most outstanding trial attorneys. However, representing victims of child sexual abuse is about much more than the numbers.

“I have had the privilege of representing severely damaged individuals who have really needed our help. I’ve been able to get them the resources that make a substantial difference in their lives. That’s what these cases are about: helping survivors take back their power from the people and organizations responsible for it, and so helping these brave men and women toward closure and healing.”

Steve believes that his clients, too, know that there is something much more important than the financial outcomes of their cases. They come to see that when they confront their own abuse they are standing up against abuse everywhere – and they are changing the world. Steve knows that it takes courage to embark on this odyssey. He understands that it is not easy or simple. And he understands that his job is to provide reassurance, encouragement and respect to those he represents. In short, Steve believes that it is his job is to further the healing process.

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